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Replacement Gun Stocks

The handle of a handgun or the butt end of a rifle or shotgun is called a gunstock. When you purchase a gun it will come with a gunstock but when you intend to restore or custom build your own firearm then you will need to consider a replacement gunstock.

Restoring firearms, particularly antiques, should be done with the goal of preserving, conserving and protecting your firearm. Specialty shops can offer custom cast replacement parts from antique weapons for restoration of firearms for museums, restorers, collectors and builders. Using these custom cast parts, the antique firearm can be restored or if there is a gap in your collection, a new firearm can be built to fully function as an antique firearm.

For upgrading or building your own firearm, shops offer many field style models of replacement gunstocks to choose from such as Yugo, Winchester, Weatherby, US Enfield, US Krag. Popular factory fit replacement gunstocks have been fitted and sanded in the shop. Virtual Inlet Parts (VIP) are replacement gunstocks that have been precision machined to eliminate hand fitting. Semi-Inlet (SI) parts are parts that have been completely shaped and 98% machine inlet. Semi-inlet gunstocks require knowledge of firearms and woodworking for installation and are the favorite of many gunsmiths. Wood replacement gunstocks can be finished in satin, oil or gloss finish. An alternative to a wood replacement gunstock would be a fiberglass gunstock. Fiberglass gunstocks are offered in a painted finish and are made of multi-layers of eight-ounce woven fiberglass cloth, laminated under pressure with epoxy resin. These replacement gunstocks are also filled with solid fiberglass and epoxy and glass beads.

Custom replacement gunstock work can be seen as a form of craftsmanship in itself. Using quality materials, replacement gunstocks can be created by the beginner woodworker or an experienced gunsmith with many a gun enthusiast considering restoring or building their firearm to be a rewarding experience.

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